I am going to talk about swimming because i like doing it and i am very good at it. I used to swim at my old primary school.

Last time I went swimming I went in my sister’s birthday, it was me, my sister, my mum, her pal and her two boys. It was fun.

I haven’t told my mum yet, but I want to start swimming again, because it’s good fun and I love the splashing in the wate

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Thanks Giving

I am a member of the pupil council. As a team we have decided on a themed lunch That going to be in November. downloadThe themed lunch was with Calderglen  was called Thanks Giving.It began in America. We learned more about this festival,and why it is celebrated.Thanksgiving is celebrated with giving and receiving of food .      


  There is all different types of food that they eat during thanksgiving like turkey,pickles,green olives,celery,roast turkey,oyster stew,cranberry sauce and giblet gravy.

Thanks Giving is a national holiday celebrated in Canada,United states all places in America.

it was introduced in 1621.


By Cameron Holliman

Five Seconds Of Summer

Today I’m going to be talking about a boy band called Five Seconds Of  Summer . Five Seconds Of Summer is from  Australia. Their names are Luke , Calum , Michael and Ashton . They became a group in 2011,  they  became youtube celebrities by putting covers of songs . The group was touring with One Direction on their Take me back home tour in 2014. They released a song called She looks so perfect; the song got the top of the charts in 4  countries . In June they released an Album, it got to number 1 in 11 Countries; after all that the made another album called Sounds good feel good .

Ellie Stewart

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My topic is going to be about fashion. I chose this topic because i like Clothes and Makeup. Fashion involves clothes make up nails and you can find out in  magazines. My favourite make up artist is called Anastasia. Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur. Anastasia Soare launched her namesake brand with a Beverly Hills flagship salon in 1997 and the company’s first product line in 2000. Rooted in the sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio, ABH creates prestige cosmetics for a passionate prosumer audience.



If you are interested in this topic and you want find more facts you will find them on magazines or youtube and google.

Mackenzie Laurie

Jeffree Star

I have chosen to talk about Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star  was  born  in Orange County California  15 November 1985. Jeffree star age is 31.

Jeffree Star  Studied makeup  and  fashion .

Jeffree Star started to be famous because of his music. These are three of Jeffree Star songs: Lollipop Luxury, Prom night and Love to my Cobain.

He started to be famous on  MySpace; he would often get more than 50,000 views on his photo shoot.

He was also famous because he was the most popular unsigned artist.

In my next artide i will talk about Adele.

Shelley Graham



imagesI have chosen Pink as my topic. Pink is a singer, she sings songs, perform in concerts and music awards.

I chose her because she has pink hair and she’s a good singer. I discovered her when I was little and I love her so much.

Pink was the opening act for N’sync. She has worked at downloadPizza hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and a gas station.

Her real name is Alecia Beth Moore, she was born in Doylestown Pennsylvania in 1979.

She has a husband called Carey Hart and she has a daughter called Willow Sage Hart. She also has a son called Jameson Moon Hart. Her  mum is called Judith Moore, her dad is called Jim Moore and her brother is called Jason Moore.

Her first single was “ There you go”, it was released in February 2000. This was her first top – ten hit. My favourite song is “ Don’t let me get me”. This song makes me feel pumped. For my next article I will talk about my favourite albums.images (1)

Amy Marshall


maxresdefaultI am going to talk about football because it’s fun.

I like it because I get to see my friends.

I play three times a week.

I play in a team called EKFC girls.

I would reccommend playing football to everyone.

For my next article I will talk abut swimming.


Learaha Fulton