Today i’m going to be talking about cooking. The reason why i’m talking about cooking is because I want to become a chef.

I have be cooking since I was little, and I cook when my mom lets me cook.

I’m going to tell you how to cook mac n cheese:

1) Put pasta in a pot of boiling water. If you would like you can put a little bit of salt.

2) Put some milk and cornflour in a pot and stir.

3) Then Add cheese the milk and cornflour and stir untill the cheese is melted now you have your sauce.

4) Now see if your pasta is ready if it’s ready ger an oven safety dish.

5) Once You have got your oven saftey dish you can add your pasta and sauce in the dish if you what you can add cheese on top of the pasta and sauce.

6) Put the almost mac n cheese in the oven tan whti till the cheese on top is melted then take it out of the oven.

                    Now your mac n cheese is done!


                                                   Ellie Stewart 


Celtic football club

I am going to talk about Celtic football club because it is my favourite football team.

Celtic has won so many tournaments.

In 1967 they won the European cup against Inter Milan. They have signed Paddy Roberts. Celtic is in the Champions league against PSG, Bayern and  Anderlecht . These teams are in group b.

There are 8 groups.

The last match was on 27 september 2017. They won 3-0.


Cameron Holliman