Jeffree Star

I have chosen to talk about Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star  was  born  in Orange County California  15 November 1985. Jeffree star age is 31.

Jeffree Star  Studied makeup  and  fashion .

Jeffree Star started to be famous because of his music. These are three of Jeffree Star songs: Lollipop Luxury, Prom night and Love to my Cobain.

He started to be famous on  MySpace; he would often get more than 50,000 views on his photo shoot.

He was also famous because he was the most popular unsigned artist.

In my next artide i will talk about Adele.

Shelley Graham




imagesI have chosen Pink as my topic. Pink is a singer, she sings songs, perform in concerts and music awards.

I chose her because she has pink hair and she’s a good singer. I discovered her when I was little and I love her so much.

Pink was the opening act for N’sync. She has worked at downloadPizza hut, McDonald’s, Wendy’s and a gas station.

Her real name is Alecia Beth Moore, she was born in Doylestown Pennsylvania in 1979.

She has a husband called Carey Hart and she has a daughter called Willow Sage Hart. She also has a son called Jameson Moon Hart. Her  mum is called Judith Moore, her dad is called Jim Moore and her brother is called Jason Moore.

Her first single was “ There you go”, it was released in February 2000. This was her first top – ten hit. My favourite song is “ Don’t let me get me”. This song makes me feel pumped. For my next article I will talk about my favourite albums.images (1)

Amy Marshall


maxresdefaultI am going to talk about football because it’s fun.

I like it because I get to see my friends.

I play three times a week.

I play in a team called EKFC girls.

I would reccommend playing football to everyone.

For my next article I will talk abut swimming.


Learaha Fulton



The reason why I pick snakes is because I find them interesting and unique.My favourite type of snake is the green anaconda because its power and size. I used to have a pet corn snake.

The top 5 beginner pet snakes are the Corn snake, California Kingsnake, Rosy boa, Gopher snake and the Ball python.

download (1)
California kingsnake
Corn snake
Rosy boa
Gopher snake
Ball python









In my next article I might go into more detail about the 5 beginner snakes.

Allan Stewart



Today i’m going to be talking about cooking. The reason why i’m talking about cooking is because I want to become a chef.

I have be cooking since I was little, and I cook when my mom lets me cook.

I’m going to tell you how to cook mac n cheese:

1) Put pasta in a pot of boiling water. If you would like you can put a little bit of salt.

2) Put some milk and cornflour in a pot and stir.

3) Then Add cheese the milk and cornflour and stir untill the cheese is melted now you have your sauce.

4) Now see if your pasta is ready if it’s ready ger an oven safety dish.

5) Once You have got your oven saftey dish you can add your pasta and sauce in the dish if you what you can add cheese on top of the pasta and sauce.

6) Put the almost mac n cheese in the oven tan whti till the cheese on top is melted then take it out of the oven.

                    Now your mac n cheese is done!


                                                   Ellie Stewart 

Celtic football club

I am going to talk about Celtic football club because it is my favourite football team.

Celtic has won so many tournaments.

In 1967 they won the European cup against Inter Milan. They have signed Paddy Roberts. Celtic is in the Champions league against PSG, Bayern and  Anderlecht . These teams are in group b.

There are 8 groups.

The last match was on 27 september 2017. They won 3-0.


Cameron Holliman